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Lily didn't think she was skilled at comforting people. As a journalist, she spent most of her time outside of events, observing, reporting. It helped that actual tragedies during her run on the school paper were mercifully absent. This is why Lily felt awkward as she walked over to Sarah, her initial feelings of distrust initially lost in the face of whatever horrors the poor girl had likely seen.

"Hey, come...Come here. Sit down with us." She said, resting her arm lightly on the girl's shoulders, intending to guide her over to where Miranda was already sitting.

Lily looked at Miranda as she asked the girl where she found their slain classmate. "Does it matter? If our class is really participating in all this, I don't think we'll be safe anywhere."

Lily patted her pocket with her free hand, as if reassuring herself that the notepad was still there since the last ten minutes she checked. Christ, she wish she had a pen. She wanted a pen like a career smoker wanted a cigarette. Being able to write some of this down would've made her feel a lot better.

"Miranda, I just woke up. What things have you seen? How..How long have we been here?"

Maybe a tape recorder. Yeah, Lily would've killed for a digital recorder, even one of those cassette tape monstrosities, if only to keep a running record of what was going on.
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