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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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"Alan, calm down! You heard the announcement! Only, what, ten people have killed! And who's to say that they did so deliberately? All Danya's doing is messing with us. He wants us scared. He wants us to kill." Jimmy exclaimed. "All we have to do is stay strong and find someone. Anyone that's not playing. We're going to be fine."

Alan began to calm down and dust himself off. "You're right," he started "You're completely right. We'll make it out of here, but we've got to keep moving, maybe look for some sort of shelter? I don't know what for but it sure sounds like a good plan." Alan laughed nervously while he picked up his map. "There's quite a few good indoor places, who knows maybe they'll be other people there." Alan began to walk off into the distance slowly, still examining the map and turned back to Jimmy. "Come on, I think I've got an idea." Alan said just before he tripped over an overgrown tree root, he picked himself up after a couple of seconds. "Maybe I should look where I'm going a bit more." He joked. He didn't know exactly what his plan was, but he hoped that it didn't involve killing anyone.

((Alan Rickhall continued in Dirty))
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