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((Sorry about how long this post took. Things have been kinda busy.))

"Sure thing, Peter. If you have tools and skills, then go ahead with the camp. I think I'll take a look around this place."

He chuckled. Apparently his reputation as a bit of a camping nut hadn't quite preceded him around the school. "Max, you don't know the half of it. I got this."

"Still no sign of Katlin..."

Peter had already knelt and dumped his pack, undoing the top clasp and letting the top of the canvas bag flip open, the sleeping pad he had jammed in-between the main pack and the cover almost springing out all on it's own. His mind lost in thought, all he could utter in response was an affirmative "Mmm."

Funny. I thought I'd packed better than that...

And in fact he did. Danya's henchmen hadn't done quite that good of a job re-packing the hiking pack of an experienced Eagle Scout after rummaging through his belongings. A bungee cord forgotten here, things layered wrong there... Peter over the eight years of scouts had packing down to an exact science. But before he had the chance to undo the tie holding the bottom section of his bag together, he heard Max's voice again; something a bit more fearful than just the earlier banter not a few moments ago.

"And on the other side... Wait."

His head turned from the bag back up to his new companion. "What's up Max?"

"We're not alone. I don't know who, but I'm pretty sure there's someone over there. Should I check it out?"

The boy's eyes went wide as he quickly processed the situation. If there hadn't been a noise, odds were that the others hadn't noticed them yet. That means that if the others would be hostile, they could flee. If the others were friendly, they could still know ahead of time.

"I've got a pair of binoculars here. Hang on a second..." He laid the pack flat out, rummaging through a couple of the front compartments, before extracting a small black zipper bag containing a pair of collapsible binoculars, handing the bag to Max as-is. "Use these." As he turned to hand the bag to Max, he noticed the gun, reactively startling a bit. "Dude, be careful with that thing. We really don't want to spook anybody."

He quickly shook his head, indicating for Max to put the gun away until they at least knew the other's intentions.

"Well, what do you see?" His hand hovered over the sleeping pad, ready to pack it back up and run if need absolutely dictated it so.
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