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(Simon Grey continued from Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be)

(Godmodding a little with what we did inbetween daylight by the ocean and 6 a.m. today. If anyone disagrees, PM me and I'll edit it.

The going of the previous day had been slow. They had not wanted to run into anyone unpleasant, and they had taken great pains to avoid others--unless they could recognize those they saw in the distance, they had avoided them.

Sticking to the route. That was the plan.

When night fell, they had found a convenient shelter in the felled forest--an uneven pile of fallen timber that made a rough lean-to in the forest. Someone (had it been Simon himself? He couldn't remember anymore) had suggested they shelter her for awhile--get some shuteye, try and stay fresh for the day ahead. Simon knew he'd been the one to suggest setting someone to watch over them, and had taken second watch--the hardest, he'd read somewhere, though he couldn't remember where. Carol was to take the last.

As such, he'd only been asleep for three hours when the clapping began.

He woke up only halfway through, only dimly acknowledging the names. He'd never watched Survival of the Fittest, so he had no way of knowing how Danya twisted truths to suit the needs of drama; his face hardened with everything Danya said.

It was horrifying. There had been deaths on the island--deaths Simon had been unable to prevent. Small comfort that Raidon had not been named among the killers...

A sob from his right. Simon turned; Carol was sobbing, having sunk to her knees with her face screwed up. Simon hesitated just an instant, than glanced to his right. "Kari," he said softly, jerking his head towards Carol; he thought (though he wasn't sure) that he spied the other girl's eyes glittering in the hazy half-light of morning.

Focus. Worry about the murders later. Try and protect these people for now.
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