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Tabitha Gweneth felt numb inside. Alone once more...

She felt the fabric press against her cold skin. She woke up alone, she wanted to be in the mall, she wanted to be at the skate park, she wanted to be in her bed. Anywhere would be better...than this state of...alone...

Tabi shivered, staring at her own bare feet. The pink nail polish had chipped and flaked. Her feet were pale and her toes made tiny convulsions. The world was much smaller and simpler when she looked at them though. It was a world where, she wasn't on an island, she hadn't seen a murder, she hadn't been at a place where someone tried to kill her. She was just there, staring at her toes. They had needed new polish, but she didn't bring any on the trip. She was thinking that she would have dyed them green...when she got back...

Her hands clutched tighter to her peach shirt when she thought of that. Her lips closed tightly, trying not to quiver. Trying not to think back to the fact that she was...alone...

She heard something in the distance. Calling her name...

A voice?

Her gaze lifted up, there was a blonde man there. She remembered now, Ivan, that's right. Ivan was here...

Tabi's eyes returned to her toes. Looking at Ivan was a reminder her where she was. It was right here, with the bullet holes in her shirt. It was away from her feet, away from the grass under it, and away from the chipped pink polish.

The voice continued to buzz, coming closer and closer. She wished to cover her ears, but she wouldn't let go of the blouse. She wouldn't look up to him it was better the way it was now...

"Tabi, it's... it's alright. Everything will be fine."

The voice was calm, gentle and soft spoken. She didn't want to look up, but her head moved up ever so slightly. Her misty eyes met his icy blues, she wanted to look away, but there was something different about them. They weren't the hard stern gaze of before, it was much softer, almost nervous.

"Things could have been very bad... yeah... but, uh... well, that just means you're lucky. And somebody really wants to keep you alive. Keep your chin up, alright?"

Tabi sniffed, her fingers playing with one of the holes in her blouse. She was not as strong as Ivan was, the man had just killed someone, and here he was, dealing with her. It left her feeling weak, and stupid, but she felt safer with someone like him. It meant she wasn't alone.

She leaned over towards Ivan, and whispered through chattering teeth.

"I-its going to be all ri-ri-right...r-right I-I-Ivan?"
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