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((Carol Burke continued from Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be))

Carol had calmed down and although she was still scared for her life, she had almost returned to her energetic, optimistic self. She had not spoken much as they hiked, but it was clear she was getting better. Of course she was.

She knew very well she was going to make it, of course. Her and her friends.

And she did have a reason to live.

"Hey Carol?"

She looked up at the other three teenagers. As they ate their breakfast at the airport's McDonalds', one could notice a sadness in the air. Her three friends had decided to see her off before she had gone on the trip, and so they helped her family with luggage and things like that. Very soon, Carol and her family would be on a plane trip to St. Paul, to start a new life. It was because of her parents' work, and she knew very well that she had no say in the manner. So, her things were packed, and they were on their way.

But... her friends. She knew very well that she wasn't able to hang out with them anymore, aside from talking to them online, on the phone, and other methods. But, she wasn't sure if she was ready just yet. She had been alternating from watching her friends eat the processed breakfast food to staring at her own food and poking at it with her food for the past few seconds.

"Yes, Whitney?" she looked at the girl in front of her.

"I just want you to know..."

Carol listened in with nervousness, wondering what she had to say. It was as if Whitney didn't know what to say, but wanted to say it.

"... You've been a good friend. All three of us will miss you."

Whitney attempted a smile, but it came off sad. It struck Carol to the core, seeing her like this. The other two looked up from their meals, and added their thoughts in.

"You're returning to Nevada, once... you know... right?"

Carol, without realizing it, gave a sad smile to one of the boys looking at her. "Yeah... graduation..."

She stared down at the plate again, as if there was some sort of entertainment to be held in mass-produced eggs and hashbrowns. But, the other boy spoke up.

"Hey, don't give us that look! It's only a year, right? And aren't you like... planning to go to a college here or something?"

Carol looked up again, and in spite of everything, smiled. Oh Alan. He had always been the trickster sort. And even at a time like this, he always had something to say. Always. And right now, he had almost a playful grin on his face.

The previous boy piped up again. "Fuck, Alan, it's not like the girl is happy to go", he mumbled, giving him a playful nudge on the arm.

"Whatever you say... Dad."

See? Just like old times. Alan and Jake always "argued" like this, but in the end, they were good friends. Just like they were with her and Whitney.

Whitney spoke again, to prevent yet another one of the pseudo-arguments these two had. "Well, don't worry Carol. We'll contact you on IM and such, okay?"

"Okay..." she smiled.

Once it came time to go to the airport, the four teenagers helped get the luggage out of the car, and soon everything was set. As it came time to go into the terminal, Carol found a pair of arms wrapped around her.


As the smaller girl looked up at her, Carol saw that she was crying. That really said it all.

Eventually, though, the Burke family had to board the plan. Carol waved behind her as she left, and soon she was in the boarding area. After presenting her ticket and boarding the plane, she placed herself in a seat next to her parents. After a bit of waiting, a flight attendant appeared, and the captain began telling the passengers about the emergency exits and such. But Carol only stared out of the plane's window. And soon, it took off, leaving Carson City looking like a small model with ant sized cars.

She missed her friends. So much. Sure, she loved being part of the Entourage, and she had talked to them each day, but she wanted to hang out with them again.

But, she still thought she was going to make it. There were a lot of reasons why it couldn't work a fourth time. She didn't know much about Survival of the Fittest, but logically, it wasn't as if the government didn't know anything. The broadcasts were coming from somewhere, and there was more than enough information being put out. Danya was going to get caught, and then imprisoned for his crimes.

Heck, she wanted to find the rest of the Entourage, and with Kari, Simon, and Rein, plan an epic escape. He had said that if he saw someone planning to leave, he would kill them, but it didn't mean that his system was foolproof. There was probably a flaw somewhere, anywhere, that could be exploited to their hearts' content. But where?

As she passed through what appeared to be the remains of a forest, she suddenly heard a banging sound. Was that gunshots? No, it sounded like... clapping?!

Suddenly, a voice came on, presumably from an intercom system of some kind. Oh god, she recognized that voice. It was the same one that had... you know... it was the one that had put them here in the first place. Carol froze on the spot, listening as it mentioned that 19 people had died.

As the announcement ended, Carol stood on the spot, looking like she had been frozen in time. No... it couldn't be...

Reika. Was fine. Paige. Was alive and well. Amber. Was up to her old antics. Reiko. Wasn't a murderer...

That was the way things were. It was the way things always were. It was the way it was supposed to be. They couldn't just get killed heartlessly by Kris Hartmann and Rob Jenkins! And Reiko was never the type to just kill two people, even if one of them was Sally Connelly. Sure, Reiko had harsh things to say sometimes, and she knew about how Sally and Reiko had a rivalry. Heck, of course she would know. But, Reiko couldn't just stab someone and kill the person who was helping her. Reiko was a good person at heart. Carol had always thought that way of her, and always trusted her.

But... why did Paige, Reika, and Amber... hell, it wasn't right. This trip was supposed to be everyone hanging out with their friends. And they were gone... vanished... hell... she wished desperately this was some sort of mistake they made, and they were safe and sound. They had to be waiting for her someplace. There was no way that...

Carol slid to her knees and dropped her things. She put her heads to her face, noticing a moistness.

No... not them... please not them!

And suddenly, that's when she broke into a sob.

They took three people she cared about away... and made one a murderer. It wasn't fair. She just wanted to see her friends again. Why did it have to be them? None of them deserved it!

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