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Marion raised her eyes in surprise as Carly, she assumed, came barreling out from somewhere deep in the warehouse. She wasn’t sure that was the best strategy considering that, for all his protestations, Jasper-Declan still had a gun drawn. What brilliant conversationalists we all are, Marion thought as she realized that the extent of their conversation had been, ‘Did you hear that? So did I?’

She figured now was as good a time as any to gain some information. “Hey, guys where’d you come from,” she asked. “I’m assuming that since you entered the warehouse after me, you had to have been somewhere else on the island first. I was in the tunnels with Aston and Bennett. I never did figure out her first name. Although they both kind of disappeared on me while I was writing stuff down. They're super creepy, so I climbed out and wandered for a bit before coming here.”
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