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((Acacia Salinger continued from Orientation))

They had walked all night. Well, not quite, but it felt like a significant chunk of it, with only snatched hours of rest here and there. They had heard the announcement, names she recognised, read out on the list of the dead. Names she recognised read out on the list of killers too. She was relieved that Alex's name hadn't been read out, she had no idea how she would have dealt with her grieving twin in that situation. Nineteen people dead, many of whom were probably stronger, and brighter than she was. It was all fluke, all luck. She could easily have wandered into the path of one of the apparent maniacs who were killing people left, right and centre. But she hadn't. And now they were...

Where were they? She'd been completely useless on the navigating front for a while now, instead blindly following Roman and trusting his sense of direction, without any confirmation as to how good that was. Apparently, no very. They'd vaguely agreed, once they'd figured out what direction they were going in, that they should head towards the Residential Areas marked on the map. There might be soft beds and shelter there. But apparently they'd taken a wrong turning somewhere, as looming above them was a sign saying "Hall of Mirrors".

Failing to stifle a yawn as Roman said something about going wrong, no shit, sherlock, she came up beside him to look at the map and see where he was pointing. She nodded several times, cocking her head slightly to one side. The sign above the door certainly seemed to match up to the text on the map (which now that she thought about it, wasn't especially detailed, so perhaps she could forgive him for going wrong and leading them towards this creepy place rather than a nice warm house) so at least they knew where they were. She didn't even like funfair's that much. Especially not abandoned ones.

The morning light was fairly chilly and she shuddered suddenly.
"I vote inside," she said, her voice croaky from lack of use. "Anyone coming in might be confused by the mirrors and not be able to find us anyway.

She put her hand on the doorknob and carefully swung the door open, holding the gun out in front of her in her right hand, which as the door creaked open she supported with her left, the ways she'd seen cops on TV doing it, and hoped to God that she didn't look stupid. There wasn't anyone in immediate view from the door, and she turned to Roman with s shrug.
"Shall we look around, see if anyone's here?" she said softly.
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