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"Well... t-that's not going to work then," Miranda spoke, continuing to sit on the tree stump as the dizziness started to fade away. "I... I suppose we'll have to wait for the next announcement to find out who-who killed her." Miranda didn't have the foggiest how long that was going to take. Looking up to the clear blue sky and seeing the sun hanging high up, she hazarded a guess that it was currently late-morning or early-afternoon. 'So that makes it arooouuund... 18 hours until the next one, give or take a few,' she calculated. 'Damn, that long? Whoever killed Eve could go on to kill even more people in that space of time! They could even find us! What if they were nearby when they murdered her?!'

The thoughts started to send shivers down the swimmer's spine, and knowing that a murderer could be lurking in the vicinity, possibly standing just yards behind her and Lily and waiting for an opportunity to strike, to say that it scared Miranda was a massive understatement. "S-Sarah, where... where did you find Eve?" Miranda asked, praying it was nowhere nearby. She knew she was in the northern part of the island, possibly close to the coast, so somewhere in the south would alleviate her fears. If only slightly.

"Look, we're not going to harm you, okay?" Miranda spoke and looked round to Lily, trying to keep her voice as calm as possible and trying to reassure the girl, though it was a damn lot harder knowing that a killer could very well be in the area. If that was indeed the case, she was going to get the hell away from there as fast as her legs would allow it, which was probably quite quickly. 'No way am I hanging around here if there's a killer close by,' she thought.

Completely unbeknownst to Miranda, the killer in question was slumped down right in front of her.
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