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Ethan’s hand slowly followed the curve of the sleeping girl’s cheek down to her neck. With his other hand, he trailed his fingers up the side of her smooth leg, coming to stop at the pleated hem of her skirt.

The soft glow of the discarded rod on the floor threw an alien light over the two bodies. Gradually, the thumb of his right hand slipped under her chin, forming a half circle around her neck. A hollow wind noise sounded through the tunnels, but the warmth between the two of them made the space seem oddly womb-like.

Amazing. If I wanted to, if I just applied a little bit of pressure… She’d slip away, literally beneath my fingers with nothing but the rocks and the lizards and the darkness; all lucky witnesses.

The hand around her neck didn’t move, still resting feather light against her slender throat. His fingers played on the boundary between exposed thigh and the underside of the fabric, the tips running along the edges.

Could I though? We are underground where no one would see…..she might not even wake Duncan if she couldn’t scream. I wouldn’t, there’d be no point to do it now, but could I? You need to be able to think like that to win. I’m already thinking like that so I guess that means I’ve got what it takes. That boy on the video certainly could. Just to prove to myself that when the time comes and I go up against someone I do have history with, I won’t hesitate. Could I?

The hand moved slightly upward under the skirt, the other tightened slightly around her neck.

Suddenly he felt a hand and a body roll into him. In shock he drew back his hands from Feo, turned and saw it was Duncan. He shook his head and sighed.

Jesus. Just him.

He sighed, wrapped his arm around Feo again and put his head down. Soon he heard Duncan hit the cave wall and yell.

“Duncan, I’m not that kind of girl. If you wanna do that, dinner first. So for this place, it means go catch a fish or something and we’ll talk.” He replied drowsily.

His eyes flew open when from far off, he could make out the sound of footsteps.

"You hear that?"
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