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((Roman Jackson continued from Orientation))

Roman wasn’t exactly sure how he had wound up standing in front of the Hall of Mirrors. He held the map up closer to his face, trying to hide from Acacia. This was not how this was supposed to go. He felt completely flummoxed. Normally he had an excellent sense of direction. He was the family navigator for all family trips since he had turned 11.

However, this was definitely *not* the residential area or the town center. Somehow, they had got turned around and headed almost due south of their intended target.

It must have happened last night. Or maybe at oh-dark thirty, when the light was still bad. How on earth did I not notice that we were going the wrong way? At least we’re still alive and moving. And that during that announcement, that man didn’t mention Alex’s name.

Roman shivered as contemplated the two story structure that loomed before him. The morning light illuminated only the first turn of the hall. After that, the glass dispersed the light, essentially turning any reflective surface into a mirror that reflected infinity. Trying to stare too far ahead give him a sense of vertigo.

He chewed on his bottom lip, trying to reach a decision. Staying out here left them exposed to anyone who wandered past. Going inside gave them shelter, but they couldn’t really see if anyone was already inside, waiting for them. Indecision ate at him. To stay or to go. What to do, what to do….

Turning back to Acacia, Roman had to confess his mistake. “So, umm, yeah,” he began as he folded up his map to highlight the area they were currently occupying. “Obviously, this is not where we meant to wind up. I meant for us to go to the residential area, but I must have gotten us completely turned around because here we are.” He stabbed the Hall of Mirrors on the map with his finger. “I mean, right? This is where we’re at? Because it logically couldn’t be anything else. Unless a lot of the buildings on this place looks like fun houses.”

He realized he was rambling now. Taking a deep breath, he regrouped himself. “However we got to be here, this is where we’re at. I think. So I guess my question to you is, do you want to go inside and try to find a safe place to rest for awhile or do we want to try and hit a different spot?”
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