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((Sapphire McLeod continued from Jack Sparrow Irony))

How long had Sapphire been running? It was too long. The sun had rose again, and with that announcements, people killed, the lighthouse being a dangerzone. She hoped that they had got out, that Stacy and Sarah wouldn’t come back. Her head was tired, her eyes wanted to shut, but she forced herself awake again. If she slept, they… they would get her.

Running through the trees, Sapphire gasped at the ice-cold air, starting to heat up in the rays of the sun. Turning her head around, she glanced behind her. There wasn’t anyone following, so why was she runnin-


With a loud scream, Sapphire tripped, rolling down a steep hill, sticks and stones ripping at her dress, her bag smashing into her stomach. At the end of the hill, she started to slow, spread out, dirty and scratched, her eyes closed. This couldn’t get any worse.

She opened her eyes again and looked to the side. A tall man was sitting down on a throne, looking down at her.

B069 Ben Powell: That's a bout. Salute. Shake hands.
G052 Sapphire McLeod: The Youngest Was The Most Loved
G084 Eve Walker-Luther: The Prime Time Of Your Life

Game Over. Continue?
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