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She knew it wouldn't work. Why had they even tried to hide? It was pointless. They'd probably already seen them before they'd even hidden, or heard her stepping on the leaves, or something.

Allie kept her head down, crouching as low as she could nonetheless. Best for them to think that she wasn't moving, she guessed. In hindsight, she would probably had no idea why she thought that, but for now, it seemed like a good idea.

Allie poked her head around the corner of the log, using her good arm to support her unsteady frame. Crap. Two people. They looked like they were just talking, but Allie figured you could never be too careful, right? She ducked back into her cover. She needed something to defend herself if anything happened. In her mind, something happening was a certainty at this point. Allie felt around on the floor with her good hand, her fingers curling around a small rock. She was always a terrible thrower, but it would have to do. Not like there was anything else lying around that she could use with one good arm.

The other girl started shouting at them. Apparently, her name was Jackie. Allie got the feeling that even if she'd been in school more often the name still probably wouldn't ring a bell.

Jackie was... asking for them to come over? Wasn't that what they were trying to avoid? Great, she couldn't make her mind up. Well, she sounded a bit... mixed about calling them over, even as she was saying it, going from inviting them over to threatening them in a single breath. She sounded like she needed some help, really. Allie decided to chip in at least something, considering that she figured she was at least a tiny bit more threatening-looking than Jackie was.

"Yeah!" Allie said, trying to make her voice sound as threatening as possible. It didn't quite work. "And I'll, er, throw this rock at you!"
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