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Stacy pulled out her map to study it, as well as a pen to mark the forbidden zones. She also decided that she would write down as much of what she could remember Danya saying about who'd died and how. She pulled a composition book from her own backpack.

Remi Pierce. Collar explosion. Dallas Reynolds. Collar explosion. Warren Brown. Shot by Omar Burton. Eric Lorenz. Impaled after being pushed by Alex Rasputin. Chris Davidson. Shot by Clio Gabriella....

Stacy couldn't do it anymore. As she wrote the names she realized that most of them didn't mean anything to her. There were a few unpopular kids that died, a few kids that everybody hated, and a lot that she just didn't know. Even the ones she did know of she didn't really know well. She knew at least one girl in her class had a baby. She thought she'd heard her name called out.

"It's horrible," Stacy said aloud, though she didn't see anybody around. There were probably people inside, but she wasn't sure she wanted to see any of them. She looked down at her bag which held her "weapon". Maybe she'd go down to the beach and fill it with salt water. She couldn't see it helping much, but it might be just the distraction she needed if she got caught in a bad situation.

So, do I find Sarah, or should I just go?
Takeshi Yoshikawa
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