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Owen shook his head. "I didn't see it, but when you see somebody dead here, it's best to assume somebody killed them. Some of us are playing the game."

Owen had another look at the map and shook his head. "No lakes, the beaches are on the ocean. I don't see rivers either, but if there's wildlife on the island then we'll find water somehow. There are probably a few streams in the woods, and we might find a well in town. With water though we'll need to find some way to purify it. Either boiling or if we can get our hands on some iodine or ethyl. The clinic would probably have some of that."

He thought for a moment more before going through possible options aloud. "So there's the town center, the infirmary, and the residential area that could potentially be useful. If we're just looking for a place to hole up, there's also a chapel and an abandoned carnival. The town might be the most useful, but it's possible that people will be flocking there as well. Wherever we go, we must be cautious."
Takeshi Yoshikawa
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