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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Sarah shook her head in answer to Miranda's question. "I didn't see who it was, they ran off when I screamed. I tried to help, but it was too late." She held up a hand to her face, wiping away dirt and grime from her cheek. There was just so much blood, it's not mine, I'm ok, but, I couldn't..." She slumped down, covering her face with her hands. "I couldn't do anything."

Sarah was genuinely distraught, but not because of Eve's death. It was because she didn't do it right. Her next move would have to be planned better. Although not mentioned directly the two girls implied that they didn't possess firearms or anything else so she was relatively confident with Eve's sword and her own mixed bag of items if she timed it right could enact quite a moving scene. People loved drama, she had learnt this from film class. People's lives were so boring. Our lives drifts along with normal things happening. Some ups, some downs, but nothing to go down in history about. Nothing so fantastic or terrible that it'll be told for a thousand years. But Sarah had a chance. A chance to go down in the annuals of time, a masterpiece of work. She imagined it. Her name being heralded as the youngest successful director of all time. The imagery so real that for just a second she felt it had already happened.

Outwardly however, she continued sobbing. She would wait some time. With the announcements being broadcast she knew she had at least a few moments of respite before her name was called out by Danya and she intended to use that time to gain trust with her new found allies. Little Sarah Atwell couldn't possibly of murdered someone, she just didn't have it in her. But if someone was to accidentally trip, maybe hurt themselves in the process and somehow everyone else wanted to continue on and Sarah volunteered to stay, who was to say that she could be blamed for the events that might transpire next?

Why in every good movie people fell behind. Not everyone could survive or there would be no emotion, no heartbreak. And that just wouldn't do. A true masterpiece had to flow. Now was a lull in the movie but soon, soon, there would be drama once more.

Beneath her palms, tears running down her face, Sarah struggled to contain the smile that tried to fix itself to her face.
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