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Lily let her head drop as she gave a small, almost inaudible laugh. Weakling? Christ, did all this bring out new sides to people. "You won't have to...Have to worry. I only ever wanted to cover the news, not make it, you know?" She stood up again, feeling the joints in her knees pop like gunshots.

"I think we should stick toge..." Lily was about to say when Miranda exclaimed, and followed her sight. She couldn't talk at first, struck dumb by the sight of Sarah Atwell walking into view, looking like she'd spent the morning chopping meat. Miranda beat her to the obvious question, so Lily was content to gape. She was glad the girl found them, glad to have another member to the makeshift group, but something seemed off. The girl's question unsettled Lily just a little bit. Why did it matter what weapons they have? Then again, maybe the girl didn't want to run with people who had nasty surprised for her.

Lily tried to bite down on her fear, but it kept trying to get away from her. Seeing a near-hysterical and bloody girl striding into view made it hard to remain calm. Anyone who could was a fucking robot.

"Are you....Are you hurt?" Lily ventured to Sarah after Miranda sat down.
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