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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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For once, Ivan just waited. He hated waiting... anticipating was one thing, preparing was another, but waiting implied an uncertainty that you were headed for, and that you had no idea what lay in store for you at the other side of that wait. Yet, Ivan decided he was waiting. He waited for Tabi to get by him and into the thicket before crossing his arms from the cold. He waited for her to be completely out of sight before he allowed the shivers he had been fighting to get through in an atavistic attempt to warm up, and now he was going to wait for her to finish changing. The sooner, the better.

Through some strange means, the boy began to realize that Tabi had a way of... cheering him up. The most likely culprit would probably be her awkward mannerisms... she seemed so innocent and bumbling, so... currently unbroken by the island. Ivan knew that would change, but if he wasn't so bruised from the events of the night, he might've chuckled a bit at Tabi's chattering and mutterings of how cold it was. Sure, it was a bit dark as humor went, but almost everything was dark at the moment when you were to spend the last of your days here. Even then, past that, he couldn't help but listen to the nagging in his mind that Tabi was changing. For at least a moment of that, she'd be completely naked, and-

We'll stop right there... ugh... you'd think thoughts like that could wait.

Ivan took a few steps closer to the water, gazing at the stream in which Tabi had been. Maybe 'stream' wasn't the right word due to its size; as Ivan looked into its waters, he peered to either side of the river's length, trying to see where it ran. Unfortunately, the river ran quickly out of view on either side, whether behind a bank or behind the trees through with which he was contending to see. Defeated, he looked back into the water, trying to see through the ripples and darkness to gauge its depth.

A river this big on a deserted island? You'd think that an island big enough to support something bigger than a simple brook would be noticable. ... Wait... there should be a map in... Ivan looked to the sheltered ridge where Tabi was changing. As soon as she was done (and knowing women, this could take a while), they could maybe check a map to see the island and its features. It would be worth knowing the geography so Ivan and Tabi could try and avoid everybody else, but first... wherever those 'greens' were, Ivan had to head there.

He took a step back from the water's edge, shaking his head at just how desperate this all was. At least, with as early as it was, they had a nice fresh start before-

Ivan's blood filled with ice when he heard a thumping noise, and then Tabi moaning. Somebody got her... somebody was ballsy enough to attack her this early? Even without his 'weapon', Ivan wasted no time in rounding the corner of plants, running in to help the girl.

"Tabi!? Don't worry, I'll-"

Ivan froze up when he saw that the girl had fit... several qualities. The first of which, but not the first that he noticed, was that she was in no immediate danger. Second, and it WAS the first thing that he noticed, was that Tabi was not wearing a shirt. She was hugging some sort of shirt close to her, and shivering, and making a big fuss about something, but there was no indication of what was wrong. Ivan looked to Tabi's open bag, then back to her, thinking it might have been a spider, or an ant or... something else silly. That aside, he backed up, red in the face, and was about to regretfully mumble an apology for walking in on her when she noticed something.

The blouse Tabi was hugging against her had holes. Not one, but a few of them, and they were peculiarly circular. This, by itself, didn't mean much, and a thought persisted that maybe some moths had gotten to it, or maybe a mouse. Then Ivan saw the hole that was punched neatly into the side of Tabi's shoulderbag, and the wound on his arm flared up with pain once more.

It was... that bitch.

"Oh.... oh wow. Tabi..." Ivan suddenly heard himself saying, and his legs cautiously pushed himself forward to approach the girl. Here he had been, bellyaching about getting shot in the arm with what amounted to be a graze and... well, Tabi hadn't been hit at all, but the important thing to remember was that they were both scared. Tabi was terrified up to this point of Clio's actions, and sadly... even of Ivan's, but she, along with Ivan, were now both coming to the realization that she was very close to serious injury or even death. Just a few inches to the right, the hole in her shirt could have been her lung. It didn't take a genius to figure that a shot like that spelt death with no medical care in sight.

Ivan crouched down in front of Tabi, struggling with his male tendencies to keep his eyes up on her face (he had picked out the detail of a bra strap, so she wasn't topless, but... still. Damn). "Tabi, it's... it's alright. Everything will be fine." Ivan detested himself for those words, but he was willing to say anything to keep Tabi going. They couldn't stay here, but he couldn't just drag her along when she was so... understandably broken. "Things could have been very bad... yeah... but, uh... well, that just means you're lucky. And somebody really wants to keep you alive. Keep your chin up, alright?"
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