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I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up.
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((B141 Saul Fetteralf continued from Extinguishing the Light of the Future))

Trees. Trees. Trees. Trees. Trees. Trees. Trees. Trees. Treestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestre-

"I hate being lost."

Saul trudged slowly through the forest, his eyes half-lidded and his back slouched. He was tired, frustrated, sore, and even more tired. Sighing, he kicked a dead branch from his path, hands buried deep in the pockets of his cargo pants. In it, he could feel the cracked face of the cheap compass they supplied them. Hours before, he had given up on any navigation, flinging it against a tree trunk. After collecting it, and discovering that he had damaged it, he shoved it into his pocket, and trudged off in a random direction. When you're lost in the woods, you're supposed to walk straight until you reach the edge, right?, he thought, If so, why aren't I at the edge yet? Is this fucking Mirkwood or something?

He kept going, until he came across a tree. It was massive, looking like it had been there for hundreds of years. The huge trunk was more thick than a truck, and longer than a commercial airplane. It was the largest tree Saul had ever seen in his entire life.

And it was laying on it's side.

By the base of the trunk, halfway through it, there was a clean cut. The rest looked as if it gave out, the height of the tree and gravity doing the rest of the work. He looked at the trunk, the split leaving a piece sticking upwards, making the stump resemble a chair. In reality, it looked nothing like it, but the exhaustion may have helped his perception of it. He walked towards it and sat, finally, onto the tree-chair.

Alone in the forest, he felt calm, as if the game never existed. As if the outside world didn't matter. He was in his own world. He was lord of his own realm, and he sat upon his sequoia throne.

He smiled, closing his eyes, and leaned back, a sense of security washing over him.

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