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Sunny Delighted
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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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((Feo Eleri Smith countiued from All That I've Ever Known))

Mmmmmm . . .

Feo never slept late. So much to do. The morning run, the morning transformation from a girl who'd lucked up with good genes to a model. She didn't even stay in bed the morning after prom.

But what was there to wake up for? She'd have to think again, later for that. And Ethan felt damn good right now. The world could wait, this game could wait, everyone could just hold the fuck up for a minute.

She had power-cuddling to do, and she had never been one for cuddling. But she had to take her victories where she could get them.

Mmmmm . . . wonder if I could get a threesome out of this . . . Why not try . . .

"Wren go away. Five more hourzzz." She moaned softly, hoping Wren would just let her sleep for once.
The Fallen Everdreamers
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Egads Sunny
Egads You should be Cobra Commander
Sunny NO.
Egads But when you hit the moneyshot, you can yell "COOOOOOOBRAAAAAAAAAA"

SenatorGoose marriage
SenatorGoose is a sacred bond
SenatorGoose between a man, a woman and some shoes

mib_fy9526ask me a state
mib_fy9526I can name its Senatots

The New Doomed Kids
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