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((OOC: Sorry. Just ensuring that Jimmy stays active. Also, GMing of Alan Rickhall done with permission from Limisios))

David was clearly not in the mood to stay. He looked down while he took Jimmy's hand and then simply thanked them both and left. Jimmy just looked down. He knew that for all he knew, that was the last time they would see each other alive. Alan spoke, having calmed down from where he had been just a few minutes ago.

"I'm sorry for freaking you out like that. You shouldn't have to worry about me all the time; you've got your own survival to worry about. But I'm thankful that you're here all the same. So I guess that the guys over there turned us down? What does that mean for us then? Do you think we should keep moving? Or should we stop for a bit to-" Alan would have continued, if it weren't for the slow clapping that seemed to be coming from everywhere at once.

"Kids, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with your first day showing. Blood! Tragedy! Explosions! Mayhem! You've utterly smashed the record for first day kills; it makes an old man proud to see you all taking his instructions so thoroughly to heart! Congratulations to those of you that are still alive, because you've already outlasted 19 of your classmates."

Danya had decided to make his unwelcome debut into the game by revealing the first of the doomed. Most of the names weren't those that Jimmy knew much of (not that he didn't care about it or wish he could have stopped it - he just wasn't close to them). The only names which struck a bell were those of Eric Lorenz, who was widely known for being a racist and very unlikeable, Reiko Ishida, Bayview's resident celebrity (Did she kill because she was motivated to win or just scared?), Tony Russo, who had been on the football team with Jimmy (Not him. Tony was cool. He was nice to others. How did he deserve any of this?), and Steffan Kronwall, one of the school's star hockey players (as with Reiko, Jimmy wondered whether Steffan's kill was motivated by entitlement or self-defense).

The fact that 19 of his classmates were gone, victims of each other, put Jimmy into two minds about the situation: It's starting. People are getting scared. You and Alan could be next. Got to defend yourselves. (No! Don't think like that! There's still, what, 200 plus people remaining? How many of them are just scared people who want to go home? They deserve help, not death! If you lose it, you'll end up like John Rizzolo!) What? You mean you'll both be alive? To further complicate matters, Alan went back into a panic as he took out what looked like a photo and held it to his chest (What is that? It can't just be any photo. Is that motivation for him?)

"I told you! Didn't I tell you that people have already snapped? I knew it! We're both dead men. Soon we'll be buzzard food I tell you. ... Zoey, I just hope that you're not watching me fall apart like this." Jimmy dropped his sword and grabbed Alan by the shoulders.

"Alan, calm down! You heard the announcement! Only, what, ten people have killed! And who's to say that they did so deliberately? All Danya's doing is messing with us. He wants us scared. He wants us to kill." Jimmy exclaimed. "All we have to do is stay strong and find someone. Anyone that's not playing. We're going to be fine." Jimmy didn't want to admit it, but he needed Alan to stay strong not only for Alan's sake, but also for Jimmy himself. He knew that deep down inside, he was starting to crack.
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