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((Albert Lions continued from Dude, how come I feel like I'm not in Kansas anymore?))


Albert scratched his head. Was he even going the right way? Had Dougal gone off in another direction entirely? Did they have cable out here? So many questions flooded Albert's mind all at once. "C'mon, dude, you around here? Say somethin', man!" Had he been looking at the ground, of course, he probably would have noticed the obstruction that lay in his path, and of course, not subsequently tripped over it and fallen on his face. "What th- whoaoaoa!"


The boy pushed himself to his knees, spitting out sand as he brushed his clothes off. "Freakin' ow, man, what the heck was- Oh. Oh crap." A quick glance back revealed exactly what he had tripped over. Some fat kid, a bullethole between his eyes. He kind of recognized the guy, too. That couldn't be a good sign. "Dude, that can't be a good sign." His eyes darted around wildly for his friend. "Heeeey, Dougal? I got a bad feeling about this place, so if you're out there, say somethin'... Kinda don't wanna stick around too long. This is really kinda creepy, man." He looked out toward the water, briefly wondering if it was actually the ocean, or just a lake or something - maybe even a firth? - when he noticed that distinct blonde hair he'd recognize a mile away. "Dougal!" he shouted, running towards his friend, who for whatever reason was just lying there. He gave the other boy a nudge. "Dude, what're you doin' sleeping out here? Let's get going, someone got shot out here! Grab the shotgun and... wait where's the shotgun? No, wait, we'll worry about that later, c'mon, we gotta get moving, wake up!"

No response.

"Uh, Dougal? You're freakin' me out, man." Still quiet. Albert's mouth curled into a nervous, twitching smirk. Something wasn't right here. He nudged him again. "H-hey... say somethin'..." Still nothing. Al grabbed the boy's body by the shoulders and shook him as hard as he could. "Dude! Seriously, snap out of it! This isn't funny! And trust me, I know funny!" Dougal just limply went along with the shaking, head bouncing lifelessly about like a ragdoll. His skin was cold. It wasn't supposed to be cold. "DUDE! CUT IT OUT NOW! WAKE! THE HELL! UP!"

Albert dropped the corpse of Augustus MacDougal back to the ground. A single tear dripped onto the dead boy's shirt. Then another. This wasn't right. Al had never seen a dead body before. He knew nothing of death. Yet here he was, kneeling over the corpse of his best friend. His best friend, who'd been alive just hours ago.

It wasn't right.

He couldn't be dead.

"Sorry, Al. It's true."

...Wait a minute. Who else was here? Albert looked up, to see the source of the voice. His jaw dropped.

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