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'Stupid, stupid, you're smarter than that,' Miranda mentally kicked herself as she saw Lily remove her hand from her bag. 'You got lucky that time. If she was serious you'd be lying dead on the ground right about now.'

Miranda kept her eyes locked on Lily's daypack as she asked her a further question that knocked her for a loop. Why she'd lied to her. Okay, it wasn't like she didn't have an answer, but it was an answer that Lily wouldn't like to hear. And if she got mad, there was every likelihood of her grabbing her (as of yet unidentified) weapon again and slaughtering Miranda with it. 'Gotta be careful here,' she thought, thinking of an acceptable answer to give. 'Got it. Here goes,'

"It's because I didn't want to sound like a weakling," she spoke. It wasn't exactly the truth per se, but it wasn't a full blown lie either; she hated appearing weak and helpless in front of others. "I didn't know if you had a powerful weapon or not, but I thought I could bluff my way to stop you from attacking me. Yeah, I know now that it could have backfired and got me killed anyway."

Miranda looked down at her legs and rubbed her hand over the shins, removing any remaining shreds of peeled-off skin. They still hurt a little, but nowhere near as much as when she'd first tripped over. 'Good, maybe I can start heading away from here soon,' she thought.

Unfortunately, the arrival of a third girl wrecked that idea for the moment. Miranda looked round to face the newcomer, a look of annoyance on her face as she was faced with the prospect of more company. That expression changed to horror when she actually saw the girl who was approaching them for the first time. It was Sarah Atwell, the girl who went around school with that camera of hers. And her clothes were splattered with dried blood.

"Oh my God!!"

Miranda shrieked and instantly leapt to her feet, ignoring the pain coming from her legs (and trying to ignore the sudden pain that came from her ear), and stared at the girl. 'Holy shit, holy shit, it's Sarah and she's covered in blood. Did she kill someone, is she injured? No, she doesn't seem injured-holy shit, Eve is dead?!'

While she didn't know Eve personally or talked to her all that often, she had heard about her pregnancy and childbirth. So to hear that she was dead, and that her baby was now going to grow up without a mother, that shocked her to the core. 'Look at the blood on her, whoever killed Eve must've, oh God, I don't want to think about what happened to her.'

"W-who did it?" Miranda asked, glancing up and down her clothes that were stained with red-brown marks. "Did you see w-who k-killed her? I want to know who did it so I can avoid them." Miranda suddenly felt lightheaded and her legs began to shake, prompting her to sit on top of the tree stump that she'd tripped over previously.
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