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This was too much. This was all to much.

Adrian didn't even register what was spoken to him by people around him. He only remained focused on the standoff between Rob and Ben. What about Jacob? he thought. At that very moment, Jacob took off running. Since Adrian was still at the front entrance of the house, he only caught Jacob running out the back door. Immediately following that was another threat from Rob.

At that time, the announcement reached Adrian's ears. "19 dead?!?" That statement was the last he heard of Danya's voice as his mind went into another bout of chaos. "How can there 19 dead already? What's going on? Are people really trying to play? Why? Why? Wh-?"

Adrian was then cut off mid thought when Sarah bolted past him. "Sarah!" he instinctively yelled as she ran off into the night. To him, this was the worst thing that could happen. He had said he would help her, and now she was running off! There was no way she could survive in his mind! She was still unstable from that incident at the Infirmary!

Adrian's mind then jumped to a split second decision.

"BEN!" He called back into the house. "Please don't get killed! You can't stand up to him when he has a gun!" Adrian tried his best to reach Ben. After pausing for a moment, he continued. "I have to go after Sarah! There's no way she can survive with how she is right now! Please be sensible and leave too!" His tone was getting desperate. He didn't want to see another person die, especially so quickly after Paige's death. "Please! I'll try and find you after I find Sarah!"

And with that, Adrian broke into a full sprint in the direction Sarah had run. The darkness had totally concealed any clues to where she had gone once she reached the limit of normal eyesight range, but Adrian kept running. He couldn't let more people die; he couldn't let the people he knew get slaughtered.

((Adrian Staib continued in Milk of Human Kindness))
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