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((Writer's block. I'll have a better post when I've got more... ammunition.))

Stoic, Steven looked back at the two girls. Despite his earlier misgivings, he could only help but agree with Brock. They were going to see some fucked up shit in the next few days, and it really wouldn't do Steven any good to be having to help maintain the sanity of others in addition to his own, which at the moment felt somewhat fleeting. It didn't feel right... Hell, it didn't even LOOK good on his part, but Steven also felt compelled to turn away.

"Guys... good luck, but I honestly need to be alone for this. I've seen things already that I wish I never had. I don't want to have to be anywhere near that kind of shit ever again. Try to not lose your heads out here. That's all we can really do."

Before they could respond, he had already started away. Where? Somewhere there wasn't people. Clearly the woods weren't a good idea anymore. Brock seemed to want to find his own way, and Steven wasn't really feeling like testing the guy's patience.

((Steven Hunt continued in It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small))
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