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Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

They'd seen her. She hadn't hidden well enough. Or maybe that fatass hadn't. Damn it. Jackie looked over at the girl crouched down next to her, breathing heavily and clutching her inhaler. Oh great, asthma. THAT'll help a lot. The girl's breathing could not have been any louder at that moment. But as Jackie kept looking at the inhaler, a different feeling tugged at the edges of her conscious- her conscience, perhaps. It was the same feeling she had when she adopted animals. You can't do that now, you can't even protect yourself! Right. Jackie looked back at the pair standing mere yards away. Did they seem alright? That girl seemed pretty skittish, but the guy had acted friendly. The problem was, they both had weapons. Crap.

Well, if they knew she was there, she'd have to come out at some point. Damn it. Damn it damn it damn it. This was NOT going well. "Here goes nothing," she muttered to her companion as she rose.

For a split second Jackie thought to grab the chain again, but she decided not to- this would be a train wreck with or without a pathetic improvised weapon.

"I- my name's Jackie. If you don't recognize me, I mean." Now what? Um... "I mean, I'm not really good with names so
I figure it'd-"
She was rambling. Come on, wrap it up. "Anyway. If you're actually friendly, good. But if you try anything, I will hurt you." Her mind went back to her companion behind the log. No, don't. She still has a chance to get out of here.

"So uh, who are you guys?"
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hi i am a little bee

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