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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Sarah Atwell continued from The Prime Time of Your Life))

She had been sitting on a rock close to the clearing for a few minutes when Sarah finally heard the voices of Lily and Miranda float in to her ears from the small area nearby. Her legs were aching and tired. Although she hadn't done anywhere near the amount of walking she had yesterday her body was not coping too well with the added stress and exercise of the previous day. The thin rations of bread and water did not really help and more than once Sarah had almost taken a sip of the ketomine laced water bottle in her bag. The splashes of blood across her shirt and jeans had dried now and had left a thing brown-red layer across her usually clean clothes. Despite her best efforts the smell of blood still lingered.

After another moment of considering she hopped off the rock and moved towards the source of the sound. Both girls seem to be relaxing as if just assessing each other. Neither seemed to have any weapons apparent and Sarah smiled slightly. Taking a deep breath she stepped forward she spoke up, stuttering slightly. "he...hey guys. It's me, Sarah, they," she gulped, her bottom lip quivering ever so slightly, 'they are killing each other. You have to help. Please!" She stumbled a little forward, her body seemingly at its very limits, putting her hand forward on a tree to steady herself. She didn't have to act too much, her legs were in fact on the verge of giving out and she wanted nothing more than to sit down.

She looked down and breathing deeply once more continued her entrance. "I... came across Eve. They killed her. You can't trust anybody." Her eyes widening once more she took a step back. "How, how can I trust you?! What weapons do you have, please, don't kill me. Please!"

When you got down to it people were pretty easy to manipulate. Play the damsel in distress and having grown up with the stereotype most would rush to their aid. It was even easier with girls, since often their motherly instincts came in to play. Sarah didn't know whether it would work in this case or not, but at best it was a decent way of finding out what weapons they had so she could properly think of an entertaining script for her next scene. She had to... what was that they said?

Oh that's right.

Break a leg.
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