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((Ethan Kent continued from All That I've Ever Known))

Ethan slowly awoke from his slumber. After the day he had, the boy had fallen into a sleep of the dead, deep and dreamless. At first he wasn’t quite sure where he was. Another question he asked himself was who was the owner of the warm body he was currently holding to his own? Despite the nightmarish situation he was coming to remember, Ethan couldn’t help a little grin.

I’m going to be so incredibly pissed if this is Duncan.

His hand roamed over the gentle silhouette of curved hips, leading to a warm, toned stomach. His hand continued up, brushing carelessly over her breasts, stopping finally at her face.

The eerie green of a glow stick on the floor provided a little bit of light in the dark tunnel; enough for them to see but not enough to attract attention. Ethan, Feo and Duncan had escaped the sawmill and found their way into the tunnels where they decided to set up camp for the night. It was rather tense the three of the sitting around, sharpening sticks with rocks since they had been dealt unfortunate “weapons” if one would even call them that, but somehow he and Feo had ended up sharing body heat and this made him smile.

He stroked her cheek lightly.

Short hair looks good on you.

It was amusing to him that they were like this, knowing all the while that he’d kill her if he had good reason and that she’d probably do the same. He settled back down comfortably into his previous position by her and threw an arm over her hip.

Once we get down to it, your hand and your hair are going to be the least of your concerns, girl. If not by me then by someone else, cause I’m going to win.
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