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(this will hopefully be my last terrible short post and I'll be back at force this coming week)

Oh god.


Carly scrambled forward, scraping her knees. She'd given herself away, she knew they'd heard her out there and now was 100% DEAD MEAT.

She had to get out, had to run past everyone while they were all still distracted by that voice.

So thinking (or not thinking), Carly peeked around the corner and the flash hit her full in the face.

And it was George.


And a couple other people, but they didn't matter. Carly was on her feet before she knew it, rushing forward to grab George and hold on tight as the announcements finished.

"OH GOD George, I'm OK, I'm OK, I was just hiding there but..."

Her words trailed off and she was crying again, but they were controlled tears. Well, mostly controlled tears. Tears of relief instead of panic, at the very least. Now that someone she knew was here, everything would be better. She wouldn't need to be as scared anymore.

One of the other kids there started speaking in some weird formal tone, asking if he should go. But it was OK, for now. As long as she had someone she could trust. Carly wiped her eyes and spoke.

"No, no, it's OK. I, uh, I don't mind if you stay."
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