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Ripples of approval started to run through the ragtag trio, much to Max's relief. It would've been disheartening at best for everyone to reject his weak proposal out of hand; it wasn't like they had many other choices. Erik, seemingly pulling himself back from the brink of a full-on meltdown, voiced his approval and suggested finding a couple of people to make sure they were safe. Max knew them both, as was his job - Brendan and Chloe were good people, even if Chloe was a bit full-on at times, and he nodded in agreement. They had to ensure as many people they knew were safe, so why not? The chubby guy followed Erik, loudly making his allegiance known with an impassioned "fuck you" to the man in charge. Then Mike piped up.

"Of course, that... Ehrmm, What's your name? Never mind, you're right. The US cannot find the island by themselves. I bet that the terrorists invested some cash into satellite jamming devices or whatever, as well as some bogus islands prepared as a decoy. Not to mention the existence of at least two hundreds of other nearly identical island. Impossible to find. BUT! That doesn't mean, WE cannot help them doing it. I'll show you what I mean."

Mike, taking command in a completely unexpected way, grabbed Max's map off him and started pointing at parts of the island that were likely to have distinctive features - the mine, the cell-phone tower, the mansion. "I bet we can find even more info in other places," he continued, uncovering a plan that Max couldn't help but think was actually kind of great. "Those are the little things, but if we'll manage to do it, I bet, at some point, someone will finally find this island and rescue us. And now, as you said before, we need to move. This is just an ordinary beach. We probably won't find anything interesting here."

Mike then turned to Max and said something, but Max hadn't noticed. Absent-mindedly grabbing the map off Mike, he scanned the topography and looked up at the Polish boy. It was a great idea. A fantastic idea. No doubt Danya and his goons would have swept the island beforehand, picking up anything distinguishable, but there had to be things they'd missed. Company names, personal records, resources, anything at all. They were people, just like their motley crew. They were just as likely to make mistakes, to miss things. Except they wouldn't miss things.

Max looked at the three allies he'd taken up. "Right," he said, not trying very hard to hide the grin creeping across his face. "We'll go to the lighthouse first, it's closest, and try and get it up and running, see if there's any shipping route charts or anything there, and then we'll hit the cellphone tower. They've probably taken the decals and stuff off, but there's got to be something on it that identifies it, for a provider or something."

Max turned to Mike and unleashed the grin. "You're a genius, dude."
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