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Morgan's breath was still heavy, but it was starting to slow slightly as he stood there. He was quite sure that this had probably been the longest and farthest he had ever run in his life. His mouth was a desert and he desperately needed water and his stomach was starting to growl back at him in a desire for hunger.

She sat down by a nearby log and smiled at him, he found himself doing the exact same back at him. It really was a shame that everyone seemed to know Jen as one of the more promiscuous members of Bayview. She really was a nice person underneath it all.

Jen looked up to him and suggested that he sit down and take a rest. As much as he didn't want to sit down and just wait for bad things to happen to them, Morgan felt miserable. He was tired, hungry, thirsty and most of all, completely uncomfortable in the clothing he was wearing. There was no wait and see about this, the two of them would have to rest and Morgan would have to change.

"Okay..." he said between breaths, "Just a second...I need to...to uh...change..."

Morgan was glad that his body was already flushed from exhaustion as he was sure his cheeks were turning redder at this moment. It wasn't just the fact that Jen was his closest friend and someone he had hoped he could get together with (as unlikely as it was now) could be watching. Morgan was always a self conscious kid, he knew he wasn't ever going to be a model and he knew he had no real muscles like any of the jocks that girls like Jen had flocked around. In gym, he was one of the kids that tried to hide as much as he could while he changed, just so the giant wouldn't get noticed.

He placed the gun down on the ground and shifted his eyes downward.

"IfyoucouldpleasenotlookbehindyouJenokaythanks." he blurted out before quickly leaping over the log that she was resting against and removed the loops of his backpack, placing it with a thud on the ground.

He rifled through his bag and found a pair of tan shorts and a white shirt with inter-crossing red and black stripes. It was something that Jen had picked out for him on the day they had gone shopping together, and was now something he was regularly wearing in school. He let out a quiet sigh and began to undress as quickly as he could.

He removed his shirt and suddenly a rush of cool air touched his exposed skin. He wished that he had some sort of towel to wipe excess sweat, but it would have to do. The jeans were more of a challenge and it took him a few minutes to wiggle out of those, but eventually the heavy weight was removed from his body. He left his boxers on, readjusting them so that they wouldn't chafe him when the shorts went on.

After tossing the old clothing onto the log Jen was sitting behind. He quickly put on his shirt and shorts hoped to god that Jen didn't see him before he got dressed. With a loud sigh of relief he picked up the backpack and moved back to where Jen was sitting, taking a seat right beside her.

"Ok..." he said with a deep breath, digging into his bag to grab a bottle of water, taking a few quick sips from it before turning back to Jen, "I'm up for staying here for a little bit, two hours at most really...we should really eat you know?"

He screwed the cap back on and took in a few deep breaths, before turning back to her tiny friend, flashing a brave smile.
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