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i love him, i love him, i love him, i love him
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((Jacob Charles continues from Conquistador...))

Ever since he was young, Jacob's dad didn't put up with having a sissy kid. He wouldn't let him cry, or run away from trouble when he was around. No, he always had to be tough. If there was a fight, his dad made sure he stood his ground. If someone died, he was told to man up, never show his grievances. But once he met Paige, she helped him change. She was a tough cookie, and was resiliant enough to break through his shell. She made him feel something full, something no one else could make him feel.

He'd broken his first promise to his dad when he spent almost the entire day hiding.

There was no one he could trust anymore. After he left the house, with....he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he ran into someone. They would kill him, wouldn't they? Just like Rob killed...and then, he would be gone. Just like...

But after a while hiding, in places that he doubted even the camera's trod, he ran again. He heard things, heard screams, heard so many noises, noises of death, pain, and everything in between. He couldn't trust not one person in his life any more.

But it was growing late. He couldn't hide anymore. After hours of wandering, walking, desperation in finding shelter, he reached this beach that lay before him.

It was a beautiful sight. Driftwood scattered the sandy stretch before him, like roaches crawling out of a wall. The waves waxed and waned against the beach, each leaving little gifts for the sand to keep.

I never got to see this back at home. I bet Paige would have en-

And then, he realised what was wrong with the picture. He wasn't supposed to be standing there, watching the ocean on his own. He had a bullet in his leg, he had no bag, he had no friends, and...she was taken away from him.

Reality rushed back at him like a bucket of water over the head. He couldn't take in the view that greeted him, because he was in the sand, leg bleeding out ever so slowly, as he sat there, on his knees, hands burying themselves into the sand with grief. He couldn't enjoy it to food, since his bag was taken from him. He couldn't enjoy it with friends, since he knew they would all be out to kill him. He couldn't enjoy it with Paige.

Because Paige had been taken away from him.

There was no point trying to fool himself. He wanted to man up, make himself a tough guy, get over everything. That was why, over the time that he had taken trying to get over it, he tried to tell himself it wasn't happening. Paige was still here. The little plucky runner was somewhere. His friends would all be alright. He would enjoy the rest of his life with her. Everything and everyone would be okay.

Except that wasn't how it was going to be.

His father would have laughed at him, tears streaming down his face. He was going soft, but Jacob honestly couldn't give a fuck. The most important thing in his entire life had been taken away from him forever. His rock, his little bouncy girl who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with was dead. A hole was blasted through his stomach, just like her. The gap which would never be filled.

The view no longer mattered to him, the waterworks now engulfing his face. He didn't want to enjoy it. He just wanted to cry. Fuck what his dad thought, fuck what anyone thought. Fuck the view, Fuck the island, Fuck his friends, Fuck everyone around him, Fuck the game, Fuck the ocean, Fuck the moon, Fuck the sky, fuck the stars, FUCK DANYA, FUCK EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD.

Paige was gone. There was no Paige ever again.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

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