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((Jen Romita cont'd from Jack Sparrow Irony))

Jen was still running along behind Morgan. Really she didn't know what else to do, she had no other plan. So far at least, she had been following him blindly, and it had seemed to work out. She hadn't faced any serious danger, apart from him leading her straight into a danger zone. She did recognise that it wasn't his fault, but still, she would prefer it if there was a new plan to follow now that the first one had fallen through.

Morgan wasn't doing very well. He'd started coughing, panting like he was out of breath and out of shape. Even Jen was beginning to feel a pain in her stomach from being on the go, and her breathing was heavier. She could really do with a cigarette, but knew that it wasn't the best time for one just now. Maybe if they found a safe place to rest, camp for the night, she'd allow herself to relax then, crack open the vodka, and go out with a party.

In between his breaths, she heard Morgan ask if she was ok. "I've been better. If you want to stop and catch your breath for a few minutes, we should be good here." She moved to sit down on the ground, trying to give him permission to do the same. To give him further encouragement, she patted the ground beside her.

"I don't know where we are. I can't recognise anything from the map, and I lost my bearings when we were running. Come here. You need to relax. Get your breath back. I think we're safe for the moment."
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