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It never occurred to Micheal that the rest of the Bayview students would forget about playing the game so immediately. For him, the idea of playing along with that bastard voice on the speaker in the cafeteria was so alien, it wasn't even worth thinking about. After all, these people were, if not his friends, his acquaintances. He may not like them, in fact he was sure he didn't, but killing them? That was alien and ridiculous. His classmates weren't killers. They may be many things, but they weren't killers. If he couldn't believe in that, what else was there? That everybody he ran into was just waiting to frag him? No thanks. Paranoia, you can frak off.

So, when the girl's reaction to his sudden appearance was less then overjoyed, he wasn't too concerned. Maybe he was curious at her reasoning, but he wasn't that concerned. He would just smooth things over, explain he didn't mean her any harm. She was cared, was all. No problemo. Micheal took a step forward, trying to look as nonthreatening as possible. "Hey, easy. I'm cool." Was Sofia a spaz in school? Well,k not so much a spaz, but was she the nervous type? What he was getting at, would she kill him, because he'd surprised her? He really hopped not. Not only did he want to stay alive, but that would be a really gorramn stupid way to die.

"Hey, really, relax." Micheal offered a reassuring smile, a smile that faded as he saw the white-knuckled grip on that lead pipe and the tears streaming down her face. Now that he was closer, he was really wishing he'd maybe waited before approaching her. This girl was obviously pretty shaken, and maybe not even in her right mind. Fair enough, he guessed. This really wasn't the type of situation you prepared for. All the same, sympathy or no, he was starting to regret rushing in like this. Assuming this girl didn't smash his skull right here, he'd be sure not to be so rash in the future.

The possible ramifications of this situation slowly started to sink in when it was apparent the girl wasn't going to back down. He might die, right here. It was a lot to take in. To be honest, he always expected growing old and dying in his old age, maybe soon before or after his beloved wife. Naturally, that type of thinking was typical for everyone outside the suicidal. No one expected they would be murdered, or that they'd perish in some terrible accident. Facing the very real possibility right in front of him was hard to process. Considering that, it was maybe excusable that he didn't remember his own weapon as he stared at her in petrified silence. It wasn't likely he'd have been able to bring his own weapon up in time, anyway, so it was probably for the best.

When Sofia did relax, Micheal let out an open sigh of relief and released the tension he didn't even realize he was holding in. She didn't seem like she was going to kill him, and that was good enough at the moment. "Geez, you didn't brain me, all is forgiven." He said with a shaky grin. Even in the fading light, he caught her smile, and he thought for a second that she was smiling because it was as comforting to her as it was to him that neither of them were dead. When she did speak again, he had to admit his surprise. A Starcraft reference? Oh, that was bonus points if he ever knew them. Affecting a horrendous southern drawl, Micheal grinned as he spoke. "This is Jimmy." Back his normal voice, Micheal continued. "Micheal, actually. If you didn't know, I mean."

With the ice hopefully broken and with Sofia hopefully not planning to kill him, Micheal took a second to view his surroundings. She was right, he'd caught at least two voices as he was moving in. "Now that you mention it..." He couldn't see anyone, but that didn't mean they were alone. "I did get the impression that there were others out and about. Here's hoping that they're friendly too, huh?"
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