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There was silence at first. Tabi could hear the water running downstream, but Ivan's voice didn't yield an answer.

It was then when she heard something from behind her. It was a strange noise to her; it sounded like Ivan, she could surmise that much. The sound though it was something she hadn't expected...

It was sobbing... Ivan the boy who murdered Keith Cristoph was crying...

Tabitha Gweneth fully turned around to face the sound of the cries. Her mouth was going slack as she listened and she felt her vision become misty. Ivan was crying and Tabi was becoming confused by it all.

Could it be that Ivan...didn't know why?

The stray tears that ran down her cheeks were hot and in turn they began to warm her cheeks. There was supposed to be an answer to this! People had a motive to killing someone, that's why people could make sense of it all. It was a way that she could make sense of it all! It couldn't just be nothing!

Ivan was a quiet kid, he played tennis on the school team and just went about his business. He wasn't the type to have done...that to anybody, let alone poor Keith. So why? Why did he do it? Why did Keith have to die? Most importantly though, why was he crying right here right now?

She let out a sudden gasp as an idea struck her.

He's...he's just like me...

The idea confused her at first. The world was supposed to be simple right? Ivan killed because he was a monster, someone that killed was always a monster right?

Monsters never cried though...

Tabi wiped her eyes dry and washed the mucus off of her face. She began to eek her way gently out of the water and onto the riverbank, letting her legs stay in the water as she sat there. Her hands came together and she began to rub them gently against each other, feeling the freshly developed wrinkles as she did so. She shivered at first, but felt her body warming as the sun shown down on her.

She sat there for a while, listening to Ivan as he continued to sob. There was something she could do, right? Something she could say that would stop Ivan from weeping further. She knew it was out there, but no words came to her. Either out of the same fear that possibly made Ivan kill or out of a concern that anything she said would just made it worse, she said nothing.

Tabi waited for a while, just sitting there, struck dumb and mute. Her eyes began to wander back to the river, hoping to get lost again in something that was much simpler than now. Even that, proved useless to her and when she next opened her mouth, words began to break out.

"I'm sorry...Ivan...I'm sorry about asking...and...I'm sorry about your arm...I'm so sorry..."
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