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Jasper-Declan couldn't say he was entirely surprised when the girl- he racked his brain to think of her name, something with an M? Maria, maybe? something of the sort- maneuvered herself behind the boy (who looked extremely familiar at this point- Jasper-Declan was sure he'd seen him in the pool during free time, though he definitely wasn't on the team).

Does the possession of a gun automatically make them perceive me as a threat? Does nothing else matter? Could this gun be attached to any other person and elicit the same response? ...Or perhaps it is just me who is threatening to them. He wrinkled his nose at this. I do wonder if they have any idea who I am. I certainly do not know them.

"Okay, but I'm confused. If you aren't gonna hurt us, why are you pointing-"

Jasper-Declan was ready with a response- he had meant to simply point out the truth, which was that at this moment he wasn't pointing the gun at them and in fact it was loose in the grasp of his right hand, swinging by his side. But he didn't have time before two things interrupted him.

A loudspeaker out of sight crackled to life. And someone screamed.

He did not move. He hadn't heard any sound that indicated to him that anyone had been attacked, so logically the scream was caused by the sound of the speakers. Most likely someone had been startled. It was the voice coming from the speakers that interested him.

"Kids, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with your first day showing. . ."

He paid close attention. He noticed that the girl- Marion was her name, he finally remembered- was taking notes, which seemed a logical course of action to him, though of course he had no notebook or pencil. The number of deaths surprised him slightly- Nineteen...so many. It seems strange that so many of my classmates would resort to violence so quickly. Though I suppose in a stressful enough situation, all things are possible...- but he shook that away and continued listening.

The names were largely unfamilar. The main name he was looking for- that of Alex Campbell- was absent, and no other name that he would have recognized was spoken. It was easy for him to put the matter out of his mind and refocus on the matter at hand.

The boy seemed to have located someone else. A girl, whose face he recognized from the halls but who he otherwise had no knowledge of. She looked...bad seemed like an inadequate description. Carly, he said her name was? And his name was George. He stored those names in his mind and took a few steps forward- he had no intention of dropping his weapon in the name of making his new acquaintances feel comfortable, but if he could gain their trust without doing so...I do believe that having allies is important in this game, but I require allies who are...reliable, I suppose, is the word.

...And perhaps...ones that don't dislike me...would be welcome.

He felt a sudden wave of melancholy. He tried to suppress it, but it tinged his voice as he spoke.

"Ah...Carly, is it? I...apologize for my sudden intrusion. I am not looking to cause anyone harm. I am only looking for allies...if you wish for me to depart, simply say the word, and I shall. Again, I do not wish to be any trouble."
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