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B146: Marco Stonecastle - Start

Marco felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

He'd been up for nearly twenty hours straight, having woken up in the middle of nowhere and wandering aimlessly all throughout the previous day. He was fortunate enough not to meet anyone during his past exploits, although he did happen to come across a couple of bodies (those of Sally and Cyrille) during the middle of the night, which had shook him up badly and prevented any form of sleep for hours after that.

After many hours and as the darkness was starting to give way to dawn, he'd come across the greens. He had been about to venture further and explore the tennis court, when the announcement from the big man in charge suddenly rang out and stopped him in his tracks. It had been torture to listen to, hearing that nineteen of his fellow students had died since everything had started. What was even worse was that some of the hockey team, notably Alex and Staffan had been behind some of the deaths. 'And these were people I hung out with on a regular basis, damn, what is it with me being close to murderers?' Marco had thought.

And then came the piece de resistance, the icing on the cake; the danger zones. Marco had sleepily wondered if he'd just gone and entered one. When his collar had started beeping, he knew for sure that he'd been standing right by the edge of it. He'd lumbered as fast as he could to vacate the greens, thankful that he hadn't gone deeper into the area. If he had, well, there was every chance that the countdown would finish before he could escape, and the grass would be decorated with his arterial blood. So yeah, he counted himself lucky.

'I'm safe, I'm away from the danger zone,' Marco thought, strolling through the trees and lightly rubbing his fingers against the collar, careful not to pull or yank at it, lest his head be violently ripped from his shoulders and making his escape from the greens completely pointless. As he continued his slow walk, he could see a building beyond the trees, and immediately thought about how good it would be to duck inside and catch a few z's.

He approached the back of the building and surveyed the exterior. 'Hall of Mirrors, huh?' he thought, walking around the front to where the entrances would be, not paying any attention to the rest of the funfair and what horrors he would possibly encounter if he went in that direction. There was broken glass littered all over the place, Marco careful to step over it when entering the hall, yawning loudly as he did. He needed a place to sleep, and in the darkness, it seemed like a suitable place to finally get some shut eye. And in his tired state, he didn't even stop to consider if there was anyone else already inside.

He sat down against one of the many mirrors further inside the building on the ground floor, resting his bag beside him, feeling his eyelids get heavier before shutting completely. Moments later, Marco Stonecastle was fast asleep.
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