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Mike was beginning to suspect, that Jasper had to be a huge party pooper back in States. You just simply don't go away when someone is so enthusiastic about an escape plan. Then, the answer he actually expected to hear came from the Fatty.

"Look dude, you wanna know why they didn't find the other dudes the past three years? The damn government couldn't even FIND our island! We're on like some no name island that probably has like 10 vowels in it hell maybe it has a couple of X's just to spice things up!"

That's what I thought... But why they can't find the...


And what if...

The Pole got lost in his train of thoughts so much, he barely heard Max talking about moving out...

"Mike's right, but we can't just stand around while we wait for the US military to storm down the island. Jasper had the right idea, we've gotta keep moving. There's a lighthouse..."

Of course... There are cameras anywhere, but they are probably showing precisely what terrorist want people to see, not what the government wants. And that means...

...As well as Erik mentioning his boyfriend...

"Look, this is a lot to ask, I know, but can we maybe keep an eye out for Brendan? Brendan Wallace? About...you know, yea high, good looking, uh...my boyfriend? And..."

...No sense in destroying cameras, that gives us nothing, but maybe if we would change their location to show something which would...

...And finally, Fatty giving the signal to go.

"Yeah you know what dudes? I like that idea a hell of a lot more than just sitting here waiting for that fat ass in a control booth pushing a button that explodes my body! So ya know what lets move ass already!"


Mike slammed his fist into the open palm of the second hand as he finally glued his plan into one.

"Guys, you need to listen to me. I think I got it." Over the next few minutes, Mike's hands almost flew in the air, as the Pole had a habit of heavy gesticulation whenever he tried to explain something.

"Of course, that... Ehrmm, What's your name?" He asked the Fatty while pointing a finger at him. "Never mind, you're right. The US cannot find the island by themselves. I bet that the terrorists invested some cash into satellite jamming devices or whatever, as well as some bogus islands prepared as a decoy. Not to mention the existence of at least two hundreds of other nearly identical island. Impossible to find. BUT! That doesn't mean, WE cannot help them doing it. I'll show you what I mean."

Mike turned to the guy wielding the golf club. "Max, right? Can you show me that map for a while?" And without even waiting for the answer, he took a few steps toward the boy and quickly glanced over the locations on the map he was holding.

"Look, there's a mine here for example. All cameras are probably set to show bugger all of the environment, so someone outside of the island cannot make anything of that. WE CAN. If we can go there and find out that, let's say hypothetically, it's a gold mine... Then we can both point the cameras toward our findings to help, as well as spread the word by ourselves. I bet we have microphones planted, so anyone observing us on the Internet or the TV can hear that the gold was mined on this island. Some guy from the CIA or whatever will hear it and cross out every island without gold mines on it."

Mike looked at the map again.

"Next stop, destroyed cell phone tower. If it's here, that means a certain phone company had to build it. If we can learn which, we can spread the word again... And more crossed out islands for America. The mansion. Maybe we can learn who built it, or at least who lived there. That's also an useful info... And now, I need to drink something, excuse me..." The Pole stopped for a while, as his dried throat demanded some liquid. He opened his daypack and took a few sips of water before continuing. "I bet we can find even more info in other places. Those are the little things, but if we'll manage to do it, I bet, at some point, someone will finally find this island and rescue us. And now, as you said before, we need to move. This is just an ordinary beach. We probably won't find anything interesting here."

Mike packed his water back, tightened the laces on his shoes, and finally made sure that his hair were properly tied before his first trek through the island. He was now ready to go. He turned to Max again.

"Going back to your question - I am with you, Max. And I hope you are with me."
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