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it was a graveyard smash
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((Timothy Questiare continued from Tunnel Vision))

Tim Questiare followed behind Colin as the two walked away from the tunnels. He wouldn't mind if they never went back there again.. His mind kept replaying the scene of Tony's attack again and again in his mind. He tried to will these thought away, but they just kept returning. He hated this. He wasn't the one that was supposed to be suffering over this... It was Colin who was forced to finish what he started after fatally wounding Tony. That was undoubtedly much harder for him than Tim. Tim didn't have to do anything.. He just stood in watch. The only thing he could think about was how great it felt to have his gun back in his own palm... Selfish.

Once the boys reached a beach, Tim marked down their location on his map and stuffed it into his duffel bag. The two had only walked for about ten or fifteen minutes, so they were most likely at the northern beach. Laying down his bag, he examined the scenery and almost smiled. On an island full of murder and bloodshed, there were still pockets of beauty. Nature was still going on about its own business. The soft white sand, the lapping waves, the bright sky above them.

Colin suggested a campfire, and Tim didn't disagree. He wouldn't mind sitting by the warmth and just resting. Sure, they might attract attention with a fire, but... he had a gun! They would be okay as long as he kept the firearm in near sight.

Once the fire began to burn, Tim settled down into the sand and held his hands out. It wasn't particularly cold on the island, but he felt like warming his hands was something he was supposed to do... It wasn't like he had marshmallows or anything. He didn't bother to strike up a conversation with Colin, since he figured his friend was probably just thinking or something. It would be inappropriate to interrupt his line of thoughts.

Time passed, and the sound of Colin's voice broke Tim from his trance. He had been staring into the flames ahead of him, thoughts rushing through his mind. "Huh?" he asked, looking over at Colin. "Blame?" It took him a moment to collect his thoughts, but when he replied, he sounded blunt and honest. "Of course not, Colin! How could I blame you? Tony attacked us! He tackled me to the ground and threw a bag at your head! I'm sorry for talking badly about the dead here, but he was being a total moron!"

He doubted the last part of his sentence would make Colin feel any better, but it was how he truly felt.

Tim looked at Colin's face, and he realized that he had begun to cry again. He sighed and looked away, tracing nondescript shapes into the sand. "Besides, I was the one with the gun... I should have just kept it in my bag... or... or concealed," he muttered lamely. It was a poor excuse to take the blame away from Colin, but... he sort of felt that was true, in all honesty. Maybe it was Tim's fault...

He looked over at Colin and frowned. He was sobbing loudly and asking if he was a murderer. Tim's face sunk quite a bit. Colin was really taking this hard! "No! You aren't a murderer! Please stop crying, Colin. You defended us.. I mean, I have you to thank! If you wouldn't have done anything, he might have hurt us.. Hell, I don't know. You're a good person, and.. We're gunna see a lot of messed up stuff here, but.. it's inevitable," he said, feeling worse with every word he spoke. This would not make Colin feel better.. Why was Tim such a moron?

Tim buried his face into his hands at the sight of Colin tucking himself into the fetal position. Oh, God. While Colin was thinking, 'How am I going to go on?', Tim was desperately thinking, 'What in the hell am I supposed to do?'

Raising his face from his hands, he looked over at Colin and grit his teeth. He wasn't angry at his friend, he was just... Well, he felt useless. Tim couldn't relate...

Tim stood up and walked over to Colin, attempting to pull his arms away from his knees. "Come on, get up... It'll do you no good to sit here and grieve and think about Tony. It was horrible, I know.. And I'm really sorry, but I think you should just put it out of your mind. If you keep thinking about.. the past.." he paused and took a deep breath. He sounded so cheesy, but... he usually did. "it'll only bite you in the behind. So.. please get up."

"Please go back to being the friendly and kind Colin that I know. I hate seeing you cry," Tim thought to himself, a frown lining his face. He would have wrinkles at this rate with how much he was frowning.
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