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Disappointment again! Where was he going to find Carly at this rate? George was about to say that it was okay, and that he'd just have to keep looking, when a new person entered the building, carrying something that looked like an alien raygun in this dim light. Which, combined with his statement of not meaning the group any harm, painted a funny picture in George's mind. But that couldn't be right, could it? The man wasn't tall enough to be an alien, and besides, everyone knows that aliens communicate telepathically right into your brain, rather than speaking out loud.

Shining his own light on the man, George noticed that the raygun was actually some sort of rifle pistol thingie, and that the alien was none other than Jasper-Declan MacDermott. He didn't actually know the guy, but he'd heard of him because of his long and funny name. Seriously, who names their kid MacDermott?

"Okay, but I'm confused," George said slowly, his path backwards blocked by Marion. "If you aren't gonna hurt us, why are you pointing-"

A scream, followed by someone crashing into something, interrupted George's very clever sentence. Whipping his light around to where the noise originated, he noticed somebody hiding in a small space between two packing crates. She looked familiar, and as he stepped forward, keeping himself between Marion and Jasper, he realized why. As the first announcement aired, unnoticed by the swimmer, he said, "Carly! Carly, it's George! Are you okay?" Now that he got the beam focused on her, he realized that she did not look good right now. She must have been terrified.

It's okay, Carly. I'm here now, and I'm gonna protect you.

How, precisely, he was going to do that was entirely up in the air as of the moment, seeing as he was currently unarmed, facing down a man armed with what was unmistakably a pistol. He would have to hope that he was honest about his intentions not to harm the three of them, as George wasn't entirely sure that he would be able to protect these two girls right now.
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