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Even from the short distance away, Carla couldn’t hear the two boys converse as she approached, worry etched across her face about them and her own safety. What if they were planning how to kill her, feigning sickness and weakness as a way to lure out easy prey who were stupid enough to get killed? Suddenly the good Samaritan act didn’t seem like such a smart idea, but it was too little too late, if she ran they may gun her down in the back. So she kept the handgun clenched tightly, her index finger inching closer to the trigger as she got closer.

All of a sudden, the voice to the other side of her made Carla jump in surprise, almost swinging the gun at the voice but resisting at the last second. She didn’t want to accidently squeeze off a shot and start a fight when it was three guys against her. That would just be stupid, but the black guy, she recognised. He was the one who hung around with that bitch, wasn’t he? On some sports team anyway, maybe she had cheered at a few of his games. Still, the fact that he was bigger than her made her slightly uneasy but he didn’t seem to have a gun on him, something that made her feel safer. Plus, OC seemed to be coming in peace, which was a good thing. If he had ran in screaming and swinging a weapon, now then she would have been in trouble. Faking a confidence that she seemed to be lacking from two seconds before, she opened her mouth to reply when a booming mysterious voice echoed out amidst the trees.

It was the announcement and Carla stood enraptured by it, hearing the names of the dead, the killers and suddenly she felt shit scared again as Danya read out the death tallies, accompanying a few with a pun that would have made her groan if she wasn’t terrified. People she knew were dead, 19 people who she had eaten lunch with, sat in classes with, rode the bus with, all dead and gone. Amongst the names she recognised Clio who she had been warned about in the pub, but a sigh of relief came when the areas that were Danger-zones were announced. At least she was safe from having her head explode for now, that was always an advantage to the day. But in Carla’s mind, she was ashamed by the fact that the death count had been so high, relieved that she was nineteen people closer to making it off this godforsaken place alive. What kind of monster was she to find comfort in the fact others were dead? But surprised by the urgency of Rizzo’s question, Carla answered back almost immediately.

“My names Carla, Carla Conners. I’m not a player, I swear and I haven’t killed anyone, I just wanted to see if you were ok. Ok, I am terrified and shit scared of everything here and I don’t want to die, I just want to go home. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I’m not a bad person, why am I here!” she shouted, her mind overwhelming her mouth as she spouted off a spiel of self pity, only to have it cut off as one of the boys made a break for it. She didn’t envy him, she was just as much of a coward as he was, running when the going got tough. Keeping her eyes trained on him as he sprinted off, she snapped back to the vomiting boy just as quickly as she had taken her eyes off him.

“So you’re..... Rizzo right? Do you need something, I have some paracetmol in my bag if you’re sick, maybe it can help?
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