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Acacia smiled properly for the first time that day, shouldering her bag. She adjusted her dual layer of vest tops so that they looked good, an unconscious gesture, though she realised as she was doing it that she probably looked like she was playing up for the cameras. Still, no harm in playing up a little now, Acacia suspected that it meant that she was less likely to be blown to bits for making a mistake earlier on. Flicking her hair (was that too much?) she nodded to Roman.

"Yeah, sure," she said with a helpless shrug. Every direction looked pretty much the same to her, though she noted with some relief that they were going a different way to that which scary looking Alice had gone in, which could only be a good thing. "Why not, it's not like we have anything to lose!" she added, giving a slightly forceful laugh that reflected no humour, even if the statement was slightly ironic. As Roman starting walking, she hung back for a moment and muttered under her breath.

"Nothing to lose... except our lives."

She jogged slightly then, to catch up with him, her bag bouncing uncomfortable against her hips. Seriously, this was why she'd never owned a satchel. She'd gone from a rucksack when living in Indiana and Long Island straight to a fashionable oversized handbag ever since she'd moved to Minnesota and redeveloped her image.

"Hey I'm coming!" Acacia said as she caught up to him.

((Acacia Salinger continued in Watch Your Step

Also, end of thread, everyone's left now.))
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