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Lily stared Miranda down, still holding on to her flat expression as best she could as she waited for an answer. She was scared, terrified, because if Miranda saw through her bluff and she really was playing...well, Lily was only so much dead meat. Miranda's hesitation only served to make it more difficult for Lily to hold on to her expression.

When Miranda finally answered, the building tension in Lily's shoulders relaxed and she almost folded in half, she was so relieved. She slid her hand out of the bag and threw it back up on her shoulder. She almost considered showing Miranda that she'd only been clutching the stupid fucking book she'd been given, but didn't. She didn't entirely trust the girl yet, and it might be handy to let her think Lily was armed.

"Thank God...I was...I didn't want to believe anyone was playing." She dropped to her haunches, brushing an errant strand of her hair out of her eye, and regarded the taller girl with a quizzical look. "Why would you lie about something like that? What if I had tried to k....What if I had bad judgment?" Lily's voice noticeably wavered this time when she continued her line of questions.
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