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Miranda's smile grew ever so slightly when Lily stepped backwards. 'That's it, go away... keep going... no, keep going! Damn it, girl, why have you stopped?!' Already, Miranda was getting frustrated with the girl's apparent stubborness. 'I just said I'm playing, why haven't you run in fear of your life yet?!' If Miranda's legs weren't hurting so much, she'd just get up and run away as quick as possible, leaving Lily in the dust.

And then Lily threw that fastball at Miranda by asking her how many people she'd killed. 'Oh crap, how the hell do I answer that?' she quickly thought. If she said none, then she wouldn't sound like much of a threat. If she said an absurd number of kills, while she sounded much more dangerous, there was a chance that Lily wouldn't believe her. Each second that passed as she tried to think of an answer was adding up and going to make it more obvious that she was bullshitting. 'Crap, crap... what to do, what to do, gotta decide quick-oh fuck.'

Miranda had been watching Lily carefully while determining her next course of action, seeing if she was going to resume the retreat. Instead, she'd got her bag and reached inside it. 'The weapons! I forgot about her weapon and what she might have!' Miranda's frustration all but evaporated, ice-cold terror taking its place as she began to worry that Lily's weapon was a gun, and that she was going to be on the receiving end of it. And then Miranda's plan would (quite literally) backfire with deadly consequences. She could feel the sweat starting to pour out of her skin, but she was determined not to let Lily show how scared she really was.

She remembered that she hadn't answered her question yet, but the turn of events had only complicated matters. 'Tell her I've killed someone and risk being blown away. Tell her I haven't and she'll probably stick around.' As much as she didn't want Lily around, she didn't want to be killed by her either, and that finally helped her to make her mind up.

"I-I haven't killed anyone..." she miserably spoke.
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