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Well, no-one answered his question about Maria (neither Jojo or John seemed to know, and Jay was being as helpful as always), but Sunil frankly had no better plan or anything better to do, so he decided that he was going to follow them in their hunt for Maria anyway, at least until something or someone better came along. The next few days would be uncomfortable, boring, depressing and stressful and would probably end in his death, so he might as well hang out with people he'd usually stay away from. Sure, he'd rather that Jay moron was not there, and it appeared the feeling was mutual, but you couldn't have it all. Sunil had hung out with people he disliked before, but that was mainly because they were with his friends, not out of a need to survive.

Anyway, he'd seen this sort of thing in video games and books and films before. A disorganised bunch of people with nothing in common coming together to achieve a common goal (in this case, survive.) And while the beginning was often tough, they came close by the end. So, he'd probably end his time on the island looking past the faults of John and Jojo and even Jay, and becoming firm friends with all of....

"And thus our Journey begins. Four unlikely heroes on a quest to save a beautiful princess with a nice ass from the evil, possibly homosexual, wizard Danya. Who also sucks dick in his spare time. Our Soundtrack shall be Jump on It. For great justice n' shits an' giggles. Feel free to, y'know sing along. It's like 99 Bottles, only less gay. This one goes out to the shawtys fuckin' about on this godforsaken island..."

Oh, God. This was going to be a painful trip...

Letting out a sigh, he scooped up his stuff and slung his bags over his shoulders. Letting out a mumbled "Sure, let's go" he began following Jay and John, trying to block out the obnoxious singing with his thoughts.

((Sunil Savarkar continued in One of Three))
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