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Isabel seemed to snap out of her fear induced trace when Dave called out to her. She closed her eyes for a moment, took a breath and opened them again.

“I’m fine,” she replied sternly. She wrapped up the rest of her sandwich and shoved it back into her bag.

“Not hungry anymore,” she said while digging around inside the bag again. Soon she found what she was looking for, a pencil case. She opened the case and pulled out a black sharpie marker. She originally bought the marker so she’d have something better than pencil to sign year books with.

Isabel rolled up the sleeve of her shirt and started writing on her left arm. The first name, “Omar B.” was scrawled on her arm with one tally mark by the name. Next, “Alex R.” with one tally and “Reiko” with two tallies. When she reached “Ivan” she turned her arm over and wrote on the underside, “Janet” next. She hurried to write down the names and mark their kills.

Alex was mentioned again, she turned her arm back over and added a tally to his name. She moved to her other arm at the mention “Rob. J.” and finally “Kris H.” with two tallies. Isabel had skipped a few and struggled to try and remember them, “Collin F.”, “Jackie B.” and turning her right arm over she finished with “Staffan.”

“It might be a good idea to keep track of who’s playing and how deadly they are,” she said to Dave, feeling her odd behavior was in need of an explanation. “A piece of paper might get lost or damaged in the next few days, but this way I’ll have the names with me no matter what.”

When she was finished she stuck the market in the waist of her skirt under her shirt, sighed and held out her arms. They were covered with writing and tallies. Only one day had passed.

“Our class has some major aggression issues” she said in dismay. “I’m surprised Roland didn’t get credit for his work back there.” At that she took the marker back out, uncapped it and wrote Roland’s name on a little patch of skin left on the underside of her right arm.

“It’s really stupid, my mom used to yell at me for writing on myself. I guess it doesn’t matter now. Now that I think about it, depending on how long we last, I don’t know if I have enough skin.”

Isabel stopped and looked awkwardly at Dave for a moment, then away from him at one of the trees.

I said “we” instead of “I.” “How long WE last. I shouldn’t delude myself into thinking this guy and I will stick this out to the end together.

“Anyway....” she started again, “Looks like we’re safe from the danger zones for now. You know, maybe this Danya guy is mad he never made it as a comedian so he kills kids. Sort of how like Hitler kind of failed at being a painter. He certainly thinks he's funny.”

Isabel put her hands on her head and shut her eyes. She and Dave hadn't stopped running from the moment they woke up and now that they had stopped the weight of being tired had caught up with her.
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