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So they were both in the same boat. That made Dave feel a bit better. What didn't make him feel better, however, was Isabel's constant mumbling to herself. That was sort've creepy, to say the least. Whatever, she wasn't really in a position to go nutzoid and stab him, now she'd broken her Trumpet-Shiv and all, so she was still preferable to the alternative.

Isabel walked away and sat down on a tree stump. She pulled out a pretty fucking vile looking sandwich, offering him some.

"Nah, Fine Thanks." Dave said, walking over. "I 'preciate the thought, but I'm having enough trouble not throwing my guts up right now as is. Got some stuff of my own, so I guess I'll eat later."

"No," She pushed it towards him. "No, I'm fine, honestly."

Then the announcement hit. Fuck, was that guy's voice annoying. He went on to say about the nineteen students that had been killed over the day. He listed off the names, people who Dave vaguely knew from being in the same classes, or having to sit near them in a lesson, that sort've stuff. No one he ever talked to. The asshole announcing was throwing in some shitty jokes along the way for good measure, before getting to the 'Chainsaw Massacre' as it had been affectionately dubbed.

Dave blinked. The guy who got chainsawed and knived was name Robert Lerger. The name rang a bell but it was one of those names Dave had heard but never really connected to a face. The only person announced as responsible was Rasputin. Dave sighed. Roland would probably be happy with that one, no doubt. He still had a clear record, as far as things were concerned.

He looked over, to see how Isabel was taking the news. From what Dave could tell, she was freaking the fuck out, quaking and everything. The whole fucking works.

"Hey?" Dave asked. "Hey, Isabel, you okay?"
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