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((Colin Falcone continued from Tunnel Vision.))

That one monumental step out of the darkness and into the light left the pair of boys in a clearing. To their right stood a large, church like building. And to the left, the water. The calming sound of the water lapping against the shores of this forsaken island sounded strangely soothing to the guilt addled boy. Hey, the ocean and the beach were supposed to wash all your troubles away. Right? The soothing song... Hey, he could have the beach campfire that he had always wanted.

Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.

And so Colin led Tim towards the sound of the water and the ocean. That soothing respite, where he hoped he could leave his guilt; at least for the moment. His gait was long and awkward as he made his way across the terrain. The beach was only a fifteen minute walk from the exit of the tunnel; however Colin really wouldn't have minded if it was halfway across the island. He just wanted to be as far away from that damn place as possible. With each breath, each step, more and more did the boy lose that composure that he struggled to retain, and more and more tears began to fall in mourning of Tony Russo. While he prayed that a good night's rest would relieve some of his pain, he knew better. And while he longed for those days, he was no longer a naive little boy. The events in the tunnel had clinched that.


The rest of that afternoon had been spent gathering firewood to build a small fire on the sand. And as dusk finally began to approach the eerily silent pair, the fire has just began to burn. A couple of matches that Colin has brought along for the sole purpose of 'just in case' on the class trip made themselves quite useful in this regard. And as the tinder and driftwood burned slowly, creating a warming reddish glow, the boy finally spoke for the first time in hours.

"D...Do you blame me for what happened?"

As if his mouth was the Hoover dam, allowing it to open finally let all of the emotion go that he had been holding back since meeting Tim at the mouth of the Cave. It started with a quiet sob. And then another. While his face was masked by the leaping flame and searing hot air between the pair, the noises couldn't be drowned out by the crackling of the fire. Heat radiating from the blaze baked the tears to Colin's cheeks before they ever had a chance to splash to their doom in the sand.

"I... I didn't want to do it. I really didn't." He sniffed in hard, trying to hold his facial features to at least some standard. "He... Was in so much pain... I... Am I a murderer?" His pained voice drowned out the crickets and other various animals on the island. And as much as he didn't want to put any of this with or on his only friend on the island, he couldn't physically stop himself. His chest hurt with each sob, his head hurt with each teardrop. And his heart hurt with the blazing intensity of the sun. At least the pain let him know he was still alive though. Still human; by some stretch of someone's imagination.

"How am I going to go on?" A question posed to no one in-particular, rhetorical in reality. However the question hung on the air, as if the sea's breeze were tossing it to and fro. The pain in his chest continued to build as he whimpered softly, slowly curling into a ball, his arms wrapped around his knees, his pack tossed carelessly into the sand.
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