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"Err...so, why are we going? And what Maria are we looking for; don't quite know who she is or who you mean."

John felt bad when he was asked that. He didn't actually remember the last name... It began with - what? An S? C?

"I don't remember..." he admitted, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. How could he forget so fast? It happened ten minutes ago! Sure, there was a hell of a lot of stress during and after that moment, but was that an excuse?

He didn't even know which way she went... He wouldn't have noticed Maria had gone if not for Jay pointing it out. And now their group was entirely male. And from the looks of things, hardly one that would get much notice on Youtube down to just their looks. If he was at least with attractive guys, he could pretend some woman somewhere was getting herself off when watching him. Or some cute guy with a huge -

"Let's get a move on yeah? Maria couldn't have gotten far... We can go find her, then maybe just chill, have a bite to eat... Figure shit out. Food would be good. Yeah. Come on guys. I guess y'know, I'll take point. It's fair. Johnny, Jojo, stick close guys. And yeah, Sunil too."

John inwardly cursed himself for not having his full attention on his surroundings. That was a sure way to get himself killed. No doubt half a dozen of his fellow students - probably ones he knew - were killing or had killed. He'd seen the clips. Everybody doubted it would happen to them. Their classmates were intelligent, well-thinking people. If not outwardly, then inside where it counted.

That was fucking stupid thinking.

Jay began to walk off and John went back to his bags and picked them up before he fell in behind him, the shotgun held in one hand by the barrel.

"And thus our Journey begins. Four unlikely heroes on a quest to save a beautiful princess with a nice ass from the evil, possibly homosexual, wizard Danya. Who also sucks dick in his spare time. Our Soundtrack shall be Jump on It. For great justice n' shits an' giggles. Feel free to, y'know sing along. It's like 99 Bottles, only less gay. This one goes out to the shawtys fuckin' about on this godforsaken island... Bummm bum bah bahhh bah bah- Tonto, jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it! Dum, bum bah bah bah bah- Jojo, Jump on it! Jump on it, Jump on it..."

... Was Jay always this annoying...? No wonder people ended up killing their friends... Spend a week on an island together and of course you lose your nut... It's why people moved in together before they got married! To find out of they were compatible. Pair that with the inherent stress of having people you grew up with trying to murder you horribly - of course it ended up in more murder.

He grimaced for a moment. Did he really think like that? Not even a full day and he was ready to agree with unjustified killing by civilised people? They were Americans, for God's sake! They couldn't let this bin Laden-supporting douchebag 'Mr Danya' cause them to forget it!

As they walked, he began to feel a little better. He wouldn't resort to murder. Not ever - nor would people he knew. They were right-thinking Americans.

((John Smith continued in One of Three))
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