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((Maxwell Crowe continued from Extinguishing the Light of the Future))

Despite it's claustrophobic environment, Max actually liked the tunnels. Or at least he liked it when someone was there. Lots of footsteps, grunting or even shouting voices - it all created a powerful echo which was like a music to Maxwell's ear. Well, music substitute would be more appropriate, but since it was doing it's job, Max didn't complain. He took extra special care with every little step through the tunnel, to be sure they created a steady rhythm while the rest of the sounds were supposed to create a melody. It worked... Kinda. It was a cacophony, but, not of a major kind. He heard a lot worse sounds from some bands that tried to be professional. It was definitely enough to make this hellish trip through tight tunnels a bit more pleasant.

Actually, as he and Peter finally found the exit, Max looked at the new environment and decided that he liked the tunnel more. Sure, his back tried to force a completely different opinion on that subject, and some fresh air was definitely nice, but the place was like a football pitch 2 hours after a concert - empty, deserted and what was worse - completely quiet. Just him, Peter suggesting taking a rest, and several square miles of testimony of human's greed. Not that he really cared about the trees, but the view was really... Unsettling, especially after dark.

"Sure thing, Peter." Max replied to they boy. Unsettled or not, he could really use some good rest. "If you have tools and skills, then go ahead with the camp. I think I'll take a look around this place."

Max spotted the tallest tree stump around and climbed on it to have a better view (he would rather not stand on those small pyramids made from logs. Those things could be extremely unstable). Firstly, he looked at the direction they just came from.

"Still no sign of Kaitlin..." He told to himself, but loud enough for Peter to hear that. Maxwell's eyes, after spending some time in the tunnels, were already adjusted to the dark, so he had only slight problems with spotting things from a distance. Flat area without many obstacles blocking the view also helped.

"And on the other side... Wait."

Some silhouette... Yeah definitely some human shape moving then stopping. That's about all he could see from his stump. Maxwell jumped down back to Peter.

"We're not alone. I don't know who, but I'm pretty sure there's someone over there. Should I check it out?"

Max raised his hand wielding a gun. He had no intention of using it, but it certainly boosted his confidence enough to propose something he would normally avoid, especially in current circumstances.
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